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I remember my Mamiya 7II



The Mamiya 711 is a fantasticĀ medium format film (rangefinder) camera. It’s still the weapon-of-choice of many serious photographers. The reason is the amazing results you get, scanning a 6 x 7 cm negative or slide film. You end up with much better image quality compared to the output of the newest DSLR’s today, such as the Nikon D810 or full-frame camera’s of other brands. The Mamiya711 is light weighted and a kind of hard-core-camera. There are no silly features like HDR (who needs HDR when you get the enormous dynamic range out of the scans?) or other tucked away functions which may distract you from getting it right. It’s easy to operate.

6816341289_42950d63de_oIt’s got a spot meter to determine the exposure and the aperture dial is on the lens. The lenses are opticalĀ almost perfect. No comparison with your nikon or canon lenses most of us normally use. Are there any downsides? Yes, there are, of course. It’s a little bit “plasticky”. It can break down and you need to know where you send it to when it does break down. It’s not build like a Leica M6 or Contax T. And in some places on this globe it can be difficult to find a lab to process the film. But at the end you will have these amazing images from a Mamiya 711.

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