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Is the Iphone 6 a serious camera?

The answer is not that simple. First we have to define serious. It means that the camera is able to give you images you can use for the purpose you make images. That is putting them on Flickr, Facebook, Tumblr or other sites which you’re interested in. Does it work for the more demanding photographer? Maybe for the professional photographer? Could be. It’s possible to produce files and use them for a more commercial purpose. In combination with the load of Apps you can try it maybe suits you well. I use the App ” Dramatic Black & White”, which gives a big choice in processing B&W pictures.

Here a brief summary of the technical stuff:  It’s got a 8 million pixel sensor, a F2,2 lens (same as in the Iphone 5S), there are some filters you can use (I like the “Chrome” filter which gives more saturated images), a panorama function, a burst function (you’ll activate burst shooting and the camera will continue to fire off shots until you release the button. When you do release, the phone will automatically pick which one it thinks is the best), HDR (which I hate), flash, timer, and the video (1080p video, 30 FPS or 60 FPS) can produce slow-motion shots and there is a time-lapse feature. You can release the shutter by pressing one of the volume knobs. Which is quite handy. So it’s a small versatile miracle camera.

The big and of course most obvious benefit of a phone camera is it’s always there. It’s small, weighs almost nothing and fits in your pocket. You don’t have to carry an extra compact camera when a decisive moment occures. No missing moments, no excuses. Just crab the Iphone and do your thing. I bought myself a small transparent case to get more grip, without the case it’s just to slippery and waiting for you to get it broken or smashed on the ground. Really looking forward making some time-lapse video (waiting on a small tri pod which I ordered on ebay).

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