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Leica for a premium experience


If you ever owned a Leica rangefinder camera you’ll have to agree. There is a certain premium feel by using a Leica camera.  I bought, a few years ago, and stiil own a Leica M6, which is a film rangefinder camera. A M6 is a fine piece of german engineering and it just feels right in every aspect you look for in a camera. Everything is in the right place and operates butter smoothly. Despite being a late eighties product (mine M6 got the smaller shutter dial), it still feels like a new BMW or Audi. It just goes. Everyone who is into photography should own one at some time.

Started of with a Voigtlander 35 mm/f1.4 which I replaced by a Summicron 35 mm/f2.0. This Summicron is an amazing sharp lens which I nowadays also use on my Leica M9.  I try to limit my curiosity (and stay financially sane) and just own two lenses for the Leica M system. Besides the Summicron I use the Voigtlander Super Wide Heliar 15 mm. Also extremely sharp on the M6, but somehow troublesome on the M9 , cause of the magenta borders. Which can be fixed with software called Cornerfix.

Now Leica hasn’t the same position in the spectrum of camera manufacturers. They can’t do the same investments as the big japanese companies, like Sony, Canon and Nikon, do. So they probably have to focus on the niche of camera enthusiasts who appreciate the premium feel of a Leica. So its Leica for a premium experience.

M9 with Summicron 35 mm

M9 with Voigtlander 15 mm

M6 with Summicron 35 mm

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