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Leica Q, the new kid on the block.

Leica officially announced their Leica Q. The Leica Q is a mirrorless compact camera with a full-frame sensor (24 megapixel). The Leica Q has a built In EVF (resolution of 3,68 megapixel), a built in 28 mm/f1.7 ASPH Summilux and has an ISO range of 100-50000. The Leica Q comes with a very good battery, snappy/quick AF and produces wonderful (jpeg) colors. There is a built in crop function so you can crop your images if as you were shooting a 35 or 50 mm lens. You can shoot 10 frames a second (full resolution). The Leica Q weighs about 640 grams (including the battery), The Leica Q has a hdmi-slot, micro-usb connection and integrated Wifi. There is also an IOS App available for communication with an Iphone or Ipad. Personally I am very interested in this new kid on the block, cause of the Summilux lens and full frame sensor, its relatively small and made in Germany. I just like german engineering. Leica lenses are just the best, without comparison. I probably would have liked it more if it had a zoom lens so you would be able to shoot portraits with it. (in combination with a high sync speed). This Leica Q will be sold for approx. 4000 euro and will be available in june 2015. Will be continued.topdownleicaqtop

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