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Medium format, why I love it!

I’ve been experimenting with medium format film and cameras for quite a while now. Started out with a Mamiya 7 and using mainly Portra 160. After that several medium format camera’s (Pentax 67, Hasselblad 501)and a lot of film followed and I still own a Kiev 60 and a Mamiya 6 (the new one..). The reason is the unbeaten IQ (image quality) of the files. If I compare those files (scanned by a Epson V700) with the output of a full-frame camera, like my Nikon D800 (36 Mp), the medium film format wins by no doubt. There is more detail, more dynamic range, more color, more of everything. That’s why I love it! So if you interested in high quality images, I suggest buy a (relatively cheap) medium format camera and invest in medium format films. There still is great black & white and color film to buy. Get amazed by the quality and the jaw dropping results. Here some examples.7449943384_cb6b24b9ca_b 16622572468_36d7464b4f_b 6290991229_3ed5eb3279_b 6276758909_e246b50bf8_b

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