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Portrait Photography. Shooting (amateur) models.

I am always searching for ways to feed my photography interest and expand my portfolio. One thing I like to do is shooting (amateur) models. Most probably categorized as Portrait Photography. In that way I can improve my studio skills, experiment with light set-ups, using strobes, different backdrops, lenses and  camera settings. I tend to use my Nikon D800 for the shoots, but are always interested in taking some analogue shots too. Because the models are amateurs sometimes it’s just hard to get good pictures. If they have something special in their appearance life becomes a lot more easier. I always try to make it a fun shoot, in the hope the model will open up and give me her best. Depending on my expectations towards the model I call it a portrait shoot or beauty shoot. If you’re interested as a model and you live in the area of The Hague, The Netherlands (ZH) you are more then welcome to send an email: My thanks to Adhanet, Jessica and Suzannah.

Suzannah_aug2015_1300 2k

Suzannah_aug2015_1181 - Version 3

Below you find some examples and a link to a YouTube video which inspired me a lot. It’s about Melissa Rodwell, a NYC fashion photographer with a great portfolio (check out her site She doesn’t do portraits, but the video is still very instructive for portrait photography too.

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