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Why I sold my Leica M9?

I’ve had my Leica M9 just for a short period and already decided to sell it. It’s not that I was disappointed in any of the characteristics of the M9, but I just got more interested in shooting analogue these days. So having a expensive M9 on the shelf for the next years didn’t seem sensible to me. The M9 gave me a lot of decent pictures hence its image quality and simplicity. There are a lot more pros then cons when using a M9. I really like the simplicity of the menu, the aperture control on the lens and the easy way you can set the ISO and focus. The combination of the crisp CCD sensor and the flawless Leica lenses, such as the 35 mm Summicron I used, results in a high quality output. The cons obviously are the dated LCD screen on the back (Leica should get together with Samsung to fix this), the high ISO incapability and the somehow annoying shutter release sound. We have to realise we’re talking about a digital camera from 2009. It’s also kind of heavy and won’t fit in your pocket. That’s a big deal to me. I probably will gonna miss the M9, but guess Leica’s are for a certain kind of photographers and maybe I am just not one of them at this moment.

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